Advertising at Radio Diabolus

Book advertising space for your company / Festival / Event on our homepage and / or on our Stream and you will
benefit from the success of Radio Diabolus.

Radio Diabolus can put forward to date the following numbers:

About 658.257 visits to our streams, that are about 21.941 listeners per day on our servers, which are located
in several countries. Our homepage counts over 85.000 visitors on average over the last months.

The minimum duration is:

  • Banner advertisement: 1 month, no automatic extension
  • Stream advertisement: 1 month, no automatic extension

The rates depend on our following advertising packages:

  • Package No. 1: Header banner on our main page for 150€ per month
  • Package No. 2: Header banner plus small banner for 200€ per month
  • Package No. 3: Stream advertisement (jingle)for 250€ per month

If you don’t have the time or possibility to create a suitable image for your advertising, you can delegate it to our
graphic designer for 100€ per image.

The length of jingles:

- The length of the jingles should be no more than 1:30 minutes.

The amount due must be paid in advance, an invoice will be issued without VAT. Billing will be issued to the exact
day and starts with the placement of the banner on the website respectively the inclusion of the jingle into the stream.

For further questions or other ideas of advertising on Radio Diabolus, please contact us via werbung(at)radio

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